BackFill Earth Enhancing Compound

Backfill Earth Enhancing Compound

Backfill Earth Enhancing Compound is also known as Soil Reactivation Earthing Compound which helps to lower the resistivity of the soil since to provide the low resistance interference of the electrodes. TP-BFC is placed in surrounding area of the various electrodes, as to give the best result for an earthing system by lowering the resistivity of soil which is contacted with these compounds.

Backfill Compound is a fundamental compound for the Earthing related system. Backfill Compound is used in every sectors (like commercial and residential sectors), along with the various range of Earthing Electrodes. The Advance Ground Enhancing Compound is placed in surrounding of the earthing electrodes, to lowers the resistivity of the soil and providing the low resistance interference of the electrodes which is placed below or beneath the grounding level..

When the moisture of  soil gets combined with the Back Fill Compound, it easily get compacted and  absorbs all the surrounding moisture of the soil,more than multiple times higher than its dried volume. The Back fill compound lower the resistivity, the area which is contacted with the soil.
We provide chemical as Ground Enhancement Material, Earthing Compound,Back Fill. This chemical is permanent & maintenance free. Back fill compound is a conductivity improver compound.

Since to prevent the electrode from directly get contacted with the soil, the Backfill Earth Enhancing Compound is placed all around the electrodes, as to protect the electrodes from the moisture that retain in the soil. And thus the Earth Enhancing Compound which is also known as the Backfill Compound helps the Earthing Electrodes not to get directly contacted with the soil.

Back fill Compound specification

Advance Earthing Enhancement compound is High Conductivity ,improves earth absorbing power and humidity retention capability.

  • Non-corrosive in Nature Having Low Water Solubility but highly hygroscopic
  • Suitable for installation in dry form or in a slurry form.
  • Depend on the continuous presence of water to maintain its conductivity.
  • Permanent & maintenance free and in its SET Form Maintains Constant Earth Resistance with Time.
  • Thermally stable between -100C to +600C ambient Temperatures.

Back Fill Compound not require periodic charging treatment nor replacement and maintenance.

Shall be suitable for any kind of electrode and all kind of soil of different resistivity.

Shall not pollute or local water table and meets environmental friendly requirements for landfill.

Shall not be explosive.

Back Fill Compound Composition not cause burns, irritation to eye,skin etc.