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ESE Lightning Arrester

ese lightening rod

ESE Lightning Arrester

We are ESE lightning arrester manufacturers, which protects structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning and transmitting their current to the ground. Truepower ESE lightning protection rod manufacturers offer value to client owing to their good performance in toughest conditions. The ESE lightening protection systems are made from best quality material that assure not only safety and improved performance. We offer lightning protection arrestors for home, office, building etc at industry leading prices and within very less lead time.

Ats ESE Lightning Rod (Based On Ion Generator)

This unit provides the design engineer with an air termination relatively free of space charges, which is capable of creating ionization and which concentrate electric field to release free electron on the approach of a lightning leader. As a result mostly only one lightning conductor is required against a large number of Conventional Lightning conductors This Advanced Lightning conductor is a dynamic device which has a very strong central ion generating system that is able to generate ions and requires no external source of power supply.


Lightning strike counter is used for recording times of lightning strike of various kinds of lightning eliminators and lightning rod It is kind of electro mechanical counter with digit display facility, lightning strikes provides valuable information for the maintenance and safety of all structures and its occupants