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Research & Development

Our onboard research & development department at TRUE POWER is well equipped to design advanced products and strive to improve the products in respect of their quality and ease of installation.

Unique Value Due to Scientific Prowess:

TRUE POWER is a reliable source for our customers who want to strengthen their existing product, accelerate process efficiencies and strike a solution with maximum scientific mastery and prowess.

Competitive Advantage:

With the aim to overpower and acquire an upper hand over our competitors, the R&D department of TRUE POWER keeps on introducing innovative products to the market like ATS Lightening Arrester.

Manufacturing Competence:

Our in-house research, design and development team ensures that the products are invented, manufactured and customized as per the customer requirement to foster a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Technology Upgradation:

To match the challenges and needs of the industry, the R&D department of TRUE POWER actively keeps improving and upgrading their existing products to grow and stand strong in their business.



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