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As in conventional Earthing Systems usually patron used Salt & Charcoal .It results poor earthing resistance value and low earthing life maximum risk factor involve.
To see that type issue TRUE POWER comes in field of Chemical Booster Systems Technology. Finally we get solutions for that type of issue and we launch TP BFC (Backfill Filling Compound) also its another name Earth Enhancing Compound.


Earth Enhancement Material Tested From NABL Accredited Lab.

Due to conductive material improve the soil resistivity.

Its also increase the conductivity of Eart Electrode.

No. maintenance.

Long Life.

Automatically rechargeable

No Need to pouring water time to Time.


Shall have high conductivity ,improves earth absorbing power and humidity retention capability.

Shall be non-corrosive in nature having low water solubility but highly hygroscopic.

Shall be suitable for installation in dry form or in a slurry form.

Shall not depend on the continuous presence of water to maintain its conductivity.

Shall be permanent & maintenance free and in it set form maintains constant earth resistance with time.

Shall be thermally stable between -100C to +600C ambient temperatures.

Shall not require periodic charging treatment nor replacement and maintenance.

Shall be suitable for any kind of electrode and all kind of soil of different resistivity.

Shall not pollute or local water table and meets environmental friendly requirements for landfill.

Shall not be explosive.

Shall not cause burns, irritation to eye ,skin etc.

Packing Detail

Its comes in 25kg , 15kg and 5kg Bags are available.


In Earthing Systems only


The Excavated soil is suitable as a backfill but should be sieved to remove any large stones, plastic or debris and placed around the electrode taking care to ensure that it is well compacted. Material like sand,salt,coke breeze, cinders and ash shall not be used because of its acidic and corrosive nature.